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The Administrator of the personal data, who is the subject deciding about the aims and methods of the processing for aims connected with the use of contact file or in the case of the contests, is the Iglotex S.A, residing in Skórcz, Leśna Street 2, 83-220 Skórcz. You can contact us by sending the correspondence at the address mentioned above. Any other form of contact will not be effective unless we can read it.

Data Protection Officer has been appointed. You can contact the DPO by the mail address: The Data Protection Officer is Mr. Maciej Kaczmarski.

The Administrator makes every effort to keep the obtained data confidential, he doesn’t grant the access to them to other subjects in the way enabling them the usage for their own purposesand he doesn’t sell these data. But he can use third parties, which support Iglotex S.A. in the activities commenced on our demand. However, we care about that these subjects are obliged by the agreement to provide the highest standards of the data protection. The data will be erased or returned to us, when these will not be needed to the realisation of the errand. Your data can also be processed to the Tax Office, if there will be necessity of the settlement with it on the purpose of taken actions.


Everyone has the following rights:

  • the right to access – the right to the demand of copy of information possessed by us concerning you;
  • the right to request correction – the right to correct the incorrect or incomplete data which we possess concerning you;
  • the right to be forgotten – in some cases the request about the erasure of the data stored by us can be made;
  • the right to request the restriction of processing- in the case of meeting the required conditions the right to the restriction of processing;
  • the right to transfer – the right to share Your data, possessed by us, with other organizations;
  • the right to objection – the right to object some kinds of the data processing, such as direct marketing;
  • the right to complain the supervisory organ, the President of the Office for Personal Data Protection.

Your personal data are provided willingly in any case.

If you would like to withdraw the data processing consent or to make a complaint Your data will be also needed to precisely decide, whose data will be obliged to erase. However, we will not be asking for more data than in the moment of their collection. In this respect, you also provide the data willingly, but not providing them to us will make impossible to fulfil Your request, if we are not able to verify Your identity correctly.


Your data will be processed for the following purposes:

  1. giving the answer for the question made by you by using a conatct form. If you contact us by using it, we will be processing the data to give the answer or move forward request made by you. In this regard, the legal basis of the data processing will be legal purpose of corresponding and answering your question. (article 6 para. 1 letter f GDPR).
  2. conducting the competition. If you would like to take part in one of the contests organized by us, Your data will be processed in the aim of conducting it, including the prizes transferand also eventual settlement with Tax Office. The legal basis in this case will be Your consent (Article 6 para. 1 letter a GDPR), which you give by carrying out contest task and sending it to us in the way shown by us. You can withdraw the consent in every time and in every form, but this will not influence the compliance of the processing done before the consent withdrawal. In case when the settlement with the Tax Office will be necessary, Your data will be processed on the purpose of the obligation (article 6 para. 1 letter c GDPR.
  3. archival and evidence on the basis of article 6 para. 1 letter f GDPR.
  4. fulfil the obligations resulting from the execution of GDPR (article 6 para 1 letter f GDPR and article 6 para. 1 letter c GDPR).


While realizing the actions, the Administrator does not make decisions followed by automated processing, including the profiling, which would cause legal effects or influence in other way people, who data concern. We are using cookies to analyse the Internet activity but while these activities we do not try to collect personal data and any information that would allow us to establish Your identity.


Data given while filling in the contact form will be retentioned for 6 months, unless the case demanding more time for consideration wasn’t transmitted to us, in this case the data will be retentioned until the time of consideration.

If data are being processed on the purpose of your part in the contest, the data will be processed only through the contest period, including its results announcement and prizes transfer. If the settlement of prizes with Tax Office is required, in this case the data will be processed by the periods necessary for tax needs, so at 5 years from the end of the calendar year, when the time of tax payment had passe (article 28 of the Tax Ordination bill, 29th July 1997, Journal of Laws of 2017, item 201 with amendments).

If in some moment you decide to withdraw the consent for data processing, Your data collected for contest purposes will be erased unless it will be obliged by law to store them.


We do not transfer the data to other countries.


The Administrator of this website, uses so-called Cookies, chich are small text files saved on a computer, phone, tablet or other user’s devices. They may later be read by our system and also by the systems belonging to other third parties, which services we use (eg. Google).

Cookies have many functions on the website, mostly handy, which we will try to explain below (if information are insufficient, please contact us):

  • ensure the security – cookies prevent access to the personal data of user from the unauthorized pe ople;
  • influence on the processes and efficiency of the website use – cookies are used to make the website work efficiently so that you can use the functions available on it, what is possible thanks to remembering the settings between the next visits at the websites. Thanks to them it is able to move efficiently at the website and sub sites.
  • Session state – in cookies information are often saved about how the visitors use the website, eg. which subsites they display. They also make the identification of the errors displayed on some subsites. Cookies files used to store so called “state of session” help improve the services and increase the comfort of web browsing.
  • creation of the statistics – cookies are used to analyse in what way users use the website (how many opens the website, how long do they stay, which content is the most interesting for them etc.). Thanks to that, it is possible to improve constantly the website and adjust its operation to the preferences of users. To follow the activity and create the statistics we use Google’s tools such as Google Analytica.

Your browser defaults to allow the use of cookies in Your device, that’s why we ask for consent on cookies use at your first visit. However, if you do not want to use cookies, while browsing the website, the settings can be changed in the browser – completely disable automatic handling of the cookies or request notification each time cookies are placed in the device.

Settings can be changed anytime.

We respect the autonomy of all the website users, however, we feel obliged to let you know that disabling or restriction of the cookies handling can cause severe problems while using the website, eg. logging in every subsite, longer period of website loading, restrictions in use of functionality.


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